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Ann Chen is a master Chinese interpreter.  She has had over 25 years of interpreting services experience in a wide variety of settings.  She  has done court interpreting for 25 years.  She has assisted many lawyers and individuals in  court settings.  She has assisted many American businesses in negotiations with Chinese business, and assisted with Chinese businesses visits.  Other common assistance is with immigration interviews, medical interpreting for hospitals and doctors and many other interpreting services.

Some reasons to consider Chinese interpreting services with Ann.

Certified as Superior Level of Writing and Speaking in Mandarin Chinese by American Council of Teaching Foreign Language

Certified as Advanced Level of Writing and Speaking in Cantonese Chinese by American Council of Teaching Foreign Language

Certificate of language rater and tester by American Council of Teaching Foreign Language  

Certified to Teach Chinese in the World by the World Chinese Association of Republic of China since 1982  
Bachelor of Foreign Language                                                         1984 Tan Kang University                                       Taiwan, China  
Master of Education                                                                          1994 Hampton University                                        Hampton, VA  USA
Master of Applied Linguistic (TESL; Bilingual Education)              1997 Old Dominion University                                Norfolk, VA   USA
Master of Mass Communication (Journalism Management)           2007 Norfolk State University                                 Norfolk, VA  USA

Online Chinese tutoring by Master degree Chinese tutor. Over 30 years experience with many Degrees and Certificates for Chinese tutoring. Learn Mandarin or Cantonese easily.

Why Ann Chen Is The Best Chinese Interpreter For You

Ann Chen is currently teaching Chinese part time in a US college, yet her teaching experience has crossed the whole spectrum of ages and levels.  As an educator over 30 years, she always tries her best.   Further, she truly believes that the work ethics of diligence, honesty, reliability, and dependability is essential to any profession.. 

Due to her educational background, teaching experiences and ability, Ann has a special gift with people; she is able to keep people interested, engaged, and inspired . She has a patience with people that is extraordinary. She has a lifetime of experience.  She has seven Masters Degrees and three Bachelors degrees from various Universities. .(See Resume)

Ann Chen understands techniques related to tones, unknown to most teachers and Chinese interpreters that  interfere with high quality speaking.  She is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese and other Chinese dialects.

She is a master Chinese interpreter who is helpful, friendly and fun to work with. 

She will help you to find the path to a truly reaching your goals.

Chinese Interpreting  Availability 

Ann Chen is available for interpreting services anywhere in the  Hampton Roads area including Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Hampton, Newport News, Suffolk and even the Eastern Shore. You will avoid the many problems and frustrations of an unqualified Chinese Interpreter.   Please do not hesitate to contact her for more information or to arrange a session.

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