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Highest Quality Chinese Tutoring with Ann Chen

Mandarin or Cantonese Tutor Lessons with Ann Chen

1) What is the content of a tutor lesson?

For the beginners, we could start with the basics: tones, pronouns and basic greetings. Then we will move on to thematic lessons such as ordering food, asking for directions and shopping; topics one would encounter from day to day.

For students of intermediate level, I will provide worksheet aiming at strengthening sentence structure and sentence pattern. Meanwhile, I am also open to students' suggestions. Some students prefer practicing their conversational skills or to take their vocabulary to an advanced level by discussing casual, academic or controversial topics or reading news articles. Every learner has different learning goals. 

2) What is a tutor lesson with Ann Chen like?

The learner will be having a lot of vivid interactions with me . I talk about the vocabulary, vernacular usage and culture related to the topic and beyond.

3) What equipment do I need to have a tutor lesson with Ann Chen?

     With a Webcam, Microphone and Headphone set up, the student can listen to the pronunciation, see my tone gestures and read my lips as I teach.

4) How do I have a tutor lesson with Ann Chen?

Via Skype, therefore you will need a Skype account.. Skype is a free video and audio website where you can talk to and see the person on your computer screen.

5) How do I schedule a lesson?

Please contact me via 757-897-8662  if you have any further questions.

6) How much is the rate? (USD)

            $45 per hour

 7) How do I pay?

Currently, I only accept payments through PayPal.  Payment should be made prior to the lesson.

Please send all you payments by Paypal to annchentutor@gmail.com  

No free trial lessons are available. 


Rates are only applicable to one student.

All rates or regulations are subject to change without prior notice.

A lesson hour will be deducted in the following circumstances: 

 a) Student is absent during the appointed lesson; I will be online for the duration of the lesson regardless of students' attendance. Please be sure to check your Skype and other hardware before the lesson.

b) Rescheduling or canceling an appointed lesson without an 18-hour notification.  

From the time of first purchase, you will have 1 year to use your credits with annchentutor. After which time, those credits become void.  Thank you very much for your understanding and support!

REMINDER TO STUDENTS: For students of countries that institute Daylight Saving Time (DST), please pay attention to the time change.

Contact Information

For more information or to arrange a session, please contact Ann Chen