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Chinese is a tonal language. Ann Chen has the musical background and ear to teach students the proper tones to be understood.  Ann Cnen is the best tutor for you.

Ann Chen

(757) 897-8662

2900 Princess Anne Crescent, Chesapeake, VA 23321                                                            

Categorized Educational Background:

Language and Communication

Master of Applied Linguistic (TESL; Bilingual Ed)                               1997 Old Dominion University                                 Norfolk, VA   

Master of Mass Communication (Journalism Management)               2007 Norfolk State University                                  Norfolk, VA

Bachelor of Foreign Language                                                               1984 Tan Kang University                                        Taiwan, China


Master of Education                                                                                  1994 Hampton University                                        Hampton, VA  

Master of Applied Linguistics (Second Language Teaching)              1997 Old Dominion University                                Norfolk, VA

Master of Music Education                                                                       2001 Norfolk State University                                 Norfolk, VA  

Bachelor of Music Education                                                                   1992 Old Dominion University                                Norfolk, VA


Master of Music Education                                                                        2001 Norfolk State University                                Norfolk, VA  

Master of Music Performance                                                                   1999 Norfolk State University                                Norfolk, VA

Bachelor of Music Education                                                                    1992 Old Dominion University                               Norfolk, VA

Bachelor of Music Performance                                                               1990 Eastern Michigan University                        Ypsilanti, MI

Selected Certifications

Certified to Teach Chinese in the World by the World Chinese Association of Republic of China since 1982

Certified as Superior Level of Writing and Speaking in Mandarin by American Council of Teaching Foreign Language

Certified as Advanced Level of Writing and Speaking in Cantonese by American Council of Teaching Foreign Language

Certificate of language rater and tester by American Council of Teaching Foreign Language

Certified Montessori Method teacher by American Montessori Association

Selected Training & Coursework

Applied Lessons in Vocal Training

Language and Communication across Culture;

International Toastmaster & Leadership Training; Women’s Leadership Training

Work Experience

Instructor                                                         2008-Present  Foreign Language Depart of Norfolk State University        Norfolk, VA

Instructor                                                        1999-Present  Junior Music Program of Norfolk State University                Norfolk, VA

Director of the String Program                    2007-2011   Music Department of Norfolk State University                         Norfolk, VA

Consultant                                                      2009-2010  Southampton County Public Schools, VA                                Southampton, VA

Writer                                                             2008  Chinese Curriculum Writing Team of Montgomery County               Montgomery, Maryland

Educator & Artist                                          2007-Present  Virginia Young Audience                                                        Norfolk, VA

Interpreter                                                      1990-Present  Hampton Roads Courts                                                          Hampton Roads, VA

Interpreter, Instructor, Administrator            2001-2002  New World Bilingual School                                                       Fairfax, VA

Interpreter                                                      1990- 1995  Word for Word Inc.                                                                      Norfolk, VA  


Dean's Lists

First Prizes in Speech

Member of Honor Students Society


Volunteer Interpreter for the Red Cross in Hampton Roads since 1990

Producer & Host at Old Dominion University TV and Radio Stations for programs “Learn Language and Culture through Music ”   ; Interpreter & Vice Director of Cultural Exchange Group to China in 2002

Chinese Interpreter for U.S. businesses dealing with Chinese companies

Chinese IInterpreter for businesses meetings with Chinese companies in Norfolk,  Hampton Roads and Eastern Shore areas of Virginia


   mandarin chinese teacher                                                                                

Ann Chen Performing