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 Our Chinese training help children learn Chinese via playing games and discussing topics. A personalized study plan and the Chinese lessons are based on each child's Chinese learning style and pace. Children learn Chinese practical skills (e.g., Chinese speaking skills) that are most useful in every day life. Moreover, a variety of interesting topics that makes learning Chinese for children effective and fun!  The younger your children start to learn the Chinese language, the easier for them to master the language. Your children learning Chinese can be one of the best investments you make in your children's future.

Chinese is now becoming close to equally important as the English language, especially in business. China is emerging as the world's leading manufacturer and supplier.  Many enterprises are already requiring employees to speak, write and understand not only English but Chinese as well.   The New York Times writes: "China will probably be the world's largest economy within our children's lifetimes and a monumental force in every dimension of life. Studying Chinese gives you insight into one of the world's great civilizations and creates a wealth of opportunities"  The New York Times continues:" And lets be frank: If your child hasn't started Mandarin classes by third grade, he or she will never amount to anything.  Everywhere I turn, people are asking me the best way for their children to learn Chinese."   A great place to start learning Chinese for children is when they are young and Ann Chen has outstanding training and ability of a master Chinese tutor.

Why Ann Chen Is The Best Teacher For Your Children


Ann Chen will be the main Chinese teacher for the 2013 Norfolk State University Mandarin Chinese Youth Camp for children. This will be an intensive 8 week training for 3 hours per day and 5 days per week for 8 weeks. She is a Certified Montessori Method teacher by American Montessori Association and also taught children for  6 years at  a Montessori school.  Ann Chen is currently teaching Chinese at Norfolk State University, yet her teaching experience has crossed the whole spectrum of ages and levels.  As an educator over 30 years, she always tries her best to reach every student and make his or her life transformed through her teaching.  Further, she truly believes that the work ethics of diligence, honesty, reliability, and dependability is essential to any profession, including teaching. 

Due to her educational background, teaching experiences and ability, Ann has a special gift with student; she is able to keep student interested, engaged, inspired and challenged. She has a patience with student that is extraordinary, because she believes strongly in the ability of another language to enrich student's lives in all areas.

She knows how to teach Chinese and she caters to the student's needs and abilities. She has a lifetime of experience.  She has seven Masters Degrees and three Bachelors degrees from various Universities. She is currently in charge of Norfolk State University Chinese Training program. .(See Resume)

Ann Chen can teach  techniques related to tones, unknown to most teachers, that prevent bad habits that  later interfere with high quality speaking.  This allows student to develop to their greatest potential.  

Her specialty is working with student to establish a wonderful foundation for Chinese. She is a structured Chinese tutor who is helpful, friendly and fun to work with. In working with  student she encourages the student to be involved with the lessons, so that the student will progress and have an enjoyable experience. 

She will help your child to find the path to a truly enriching and satisfying series of accomplishments.

Chinese Tutoring  Availability 

Ann Chen is available for private online tutoring anywhere in the world via Skype free video conferencing service. Ann Chen can teach private lessons over Skype. Cost is $55 per hour. Call Ann Chen today at 757-897-8662.   Please do not hesitate to contact her for more information or to arrange a session.